Last Regiment DevBlog and Patch Update– The 4th of July

Chris is in Singapore and introduced to us a little bit about Boomzap’s physical VR office before proceeding into the recent updates. Aside from that, he also announced that he will be at a convention in Hong Kong (PocketGamer Connects Hong Kong, July 17 and 18). So, we hope to see you there. If you like to arrange a meeting with us on those dates, let us know the soonest in Facebook and Twitter!

Now onto the stream highlights. We are happy to say that the last few weeks in getting the game ready for Early Access were awesome: it has become more fun and challenging. As the days go by, our beta just keeps getting better and better as we took all the feedback we received and got everything balanced out.

Chris reminded about one important note that our Discord server member Helios mentioned that “the game felt clunky” and because of this feedback, this got the team into a lengthy conversation on what must be taken out and modify. The rest of the stream shows us a simple Skirmish gameplay as Chris explained the recent changes that were implemented on the beta.

Patch Update (7/8/2019)

We have recently updated our Steam patch. Complete details are below:

Beta Steam Build – July 8, 2019


  • Mechanic Changes


    • Upgrading units to Elite status now only adds 25% bonus to Attack and HP instead of 50%.
    • Updated dice roll numbers to linear ranges for most powers.
    •  Default starting gold for Skirmish/Multiplayer games have been changed to “Half” instead of “Full”.
    • Selected Hex on the map now has a highlight effect.
    • Power information now appears on mouse over.


  • Unit Changes


    • Added new units – Squatters, Chaingang, Craftsmen, Batwing Builders, Trench Orcs, Huntmaster, Swashbucklers, and Centaur Hunters.
    • Added new Plant race keyword. Some units have been converted to Plant race.
    • Reduced Mage units HP by 25%.


  • Power Changes


    • All permanent Attack buffs have been reduced to a maximum of +2.


  • Bug Fixes


    • Fixed issue when a Town can’t be rebuilt after it gets razed.
    • Hid the Upgrade Unit power from showing up on a Unit Card to reduce clutter.
    • Added missing effects for some powers.
    • Added potential fix for move collision prediction.

That’s our coolest update for this week! Add the game to your wishlist on Steam today and give us your feedback and bug reports to our growing Discord server. Your feedback will really help us out in getting Last Regiment ready for Early Access on August 5, 2019, which is just a few weeks away!

Chris will be doing weekly streams again every Wednesday 10pm EST / Thursday 10am GMT+8 on the Boomzap Twitch channel (Schedules may change, but we’ll announce ahead of time). We also have multiplayer sessions with the Boomzap team every Tuesday and Thursday 10am GMT+8. Join us on those dates!