Last Regiment Patch Update (8/13/19) – Another One

Another week and another patch of updates. In case you missed it, we are pushing Early Access of Last Regiment to Early September. As a treat for those who want to get into the game a little earlier, we have just opened our Closed Beta form again. So sign up today and we will provide you a beta key the soonest.

Chris may be returning to stream Last Regiment this week. If you miss out any of his recent streams, you may check out our Twitch or Youtube Channel.

Here is this week’s patch update for our Steam Beta build. Beta testers are free to join in the discussion of our latest patch in our Discord server.

Campaign Changes

1.) Updated objectives and dialogue for Olivia’s 4th mission.

2.) Fixed issue where the enemy hero spawn became an ally for Olivia’s 6th mission.

3.) Updated map and events for Hollythorn’s 1st mission.

Note: The rest of Hollythorn’s missions are still WIP.

Unit Changes

1.) Added Woodland Native to Rangers.

Power Changes

1.) Updated some cards and power description for better readability.

Bug Fixes

1.) Fixed cost display not showing up for cards that have 0 cost.

2.) Fixed some issues on Card Info UI on lower resolutions.

3.) Fixed scroll issue on Save/Load UI.

4.) Fixed visual issues with animated card info.

Add Last Regiment to your wishlist on Steam today and send us your feedback and bug reports to our growing Discord server. It will really help us out in getting Last Regiment ready for Early Access.

Chris will be doing weekly streams again every Wednesday 10pm EST / Thursday 10am GMT+8 on the Boomzap Twitch channel (Schedules may change, but we’ll announce ahead of time). We also have multiplayer sessions with the Boomzap team every Tuesday and Thursday 10am GMT+8. Join us on those dates!