Latest Patch notes (9/24/2019) – The Great Recycling

We here at Boomzap like to think of ourselves as eco-friendly people. That means apart from the two new missions, two new maps, three new units, various campaign fixes, and more, we’ve also now added the ability to recycle your units. After all, we have all got to do our part for the environment.

But for real, we aim to use this new recycling mechanic to alleviate mobility issues in the game, allowing you to essentially teleport units by sending them back to your hand and resummoning them next to your hero the next turn. We’ve also changed a few of the game rules to hopefully allow more wiggle room for different strategies. All of that good stuff and more, all waiting for you in this week’s patch notes for Last Regiment.

Patch Notes (September 24, 2019)
Mechanic Changes
1.) Units can now be returned to their card form by using the “Recycle” action available when a unit is on a structure.
2.) Units standing on a structure will now automatically fortify themselves.
3.) Units that use an action, except Defend, will now have their Attack stat set to 0 from the start of Resolution phase.
4.) Adjusted Max Hand Amount to 7 from 6.
5.) Adjusted First Hand Draw Amount to 5 from 6.

Campaign Changes
1.) Added new missions for Hollythorn’s campaign.
2.) Olivia Mission 2
– Updated map to be more open and flexible for real fights
– Adjusted enemy AI to be more aggressive and start said fights
– Adjusted level tutorials and goals
– Added some new dialogue
– Fixed some script errors that caused dialogue to play at the wrong times

3.) Olivia Mission 4
– Adjusted enemy AI starting regiment
– Adjusted goblins’ behavior

4.) Olivia Mission 5
– Adjusted the map and moved around the structures
– Adjusted in-level goals and story elements
– Removed goal to waste time capturing structures! Now you can just kill the commanders
– Better Mage unit introductions
– Added more new dialogue

5.) Olivia Mission 6
– Changed starting structures for both players
– Revamped the map to be more breathable, easier to fight around with more key points
– Unlocked regiment building for this mission! Yay!
– Added even more new dialogue!!!
– Helped Hollythorn defend her base with more Goblins who will shoot you on the way in.
– Removed the goal to have to capture her base. Defeating Holly is enough!

Unit Changes
1.) Added 3 new units – Merchantman, Elven Villager, Mounted Archer.
Notes: Art for some of them are still work in progress.

Map Changes
1.) Added 2 new maps.
2.) Updated some maps so the Neutral units are docile.

Card Changes
1.) Overhauled targeting and descriptions for most power cards.
2.) Overhauled list of cards available from Structures.

Structure Changes
1.) Units can now be summoned on or adjacent to Towers or Mage Towers.
2.) Increased amount of Fortification points granted to units to 3/6/9 from 2/4/6 depending on Fortify power on the structure.
3.) Standardized upgrade cost for Structures to 50 gold.
4.) Updated gold generated by farms to 10/15/20 gold from 10/13/15 gold.

UI Changes
1.) Updated card slots while playing to accommodate 7 cards.
2.) Updated Power info box for better readability.

1.) Fixed issue where the game doesn’t properly save campaign progress when a session crashes.
2.) Potentially fixed AI behavior that kept trying to capture structures even when there are nearby threats.
3.) Potentially fixed AI blocking its own unit’s movements when summoning new units.
4.) Fixed desync issue regarding effects during resolution phase.

Intrigued? Astounded? Furious we didn’t just make you a real teleporter and forced you to spend both your gold and a turn to jaunt your units across the map? let us know! Our Steam Forums and Discord Server‘s always available for you to tell us what you think.

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See you in Kothia!