Latest Patch Notes (12/23/2019) – Balance In All Things

Hey everyone!

While we don’t have much new content for you today, we’re releasing a patch that rebalances everything. That’s right, everything.
After a few weeks of debate, we decided that the base values for all our stats for each unit was simply much too low to be able to nerf or buff them appropriately. Thus, we gave every unit a massive increase in stats, and then played an endless number of games internally to try to balance it to something less absurd.

But the work of a designer is never done – especially not without player feedback – and that’s where you come in! We’re releasing this major rebalance patch to you in hopes of seeing what you guys think. We’ll be listening very closely to feedback in the next few (non-Christmas) days, and we hope you find this new patch fun. So without further ado, the patch notes:

Patch Notes (December 23, 2019)
Mechanic Changes
1.) Fortification amount on terrains and structures has been changed.

Unit Changes
1.) All units have had their stats updated.
2.) Reverted nerfs to Field Artillery.
3.) Units that have Recruit powers can now recruit Elite Units after becoming Elite themselves.

Power Changes
1.) All permanent buffs have had their numbers halved.
2.) Dying Wish now provides 2 extra cards instead of 1 when the unit with Dying Wish dies.
3.) Carl’s AoE Fortification has been changed so it doesn’t affect Flying or Ship units.
4.) Added elite versions of Rage, Liquid Courage, Shield, Protection, Web, Entangle, Tentacle, Vulnerability, Blades of Fire, Enrage, Enrage Beast, Improve Morale, Defiance, Improve Assault, Improve Missiles, Explosive Shot, Improve Magic
5.) Treants now become immobile when transforming to Elder Treants and Elder Treants can now go transform back to Treant form.
6.) Cards and/or Powers that provide damage multipliers have been halved due to the number updates on Units.

Bug Fixes
1.) Fixed the issue where certain traits or powers show up twice on the Unit.
2.) Fixed missing animation FX for certain cards.
3.) Fixed an issue that allowed clicks to go through certain parts of the UI while editing a regiment’s emblem.
4.) Fixed map critters not properly spawning.

As always, our Steam forums and our Discord
is always available for you to tell us what you think.

Oh, and Happy Holidays from all of us here at Boomzap! We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!