Latest Patch Notes (1/7/2020) – Gold Rush

And we’re back from our Christmas break! You didn’t think we would leave you with just a balance patch for everyone’s stats, did you?

This update features a rework to each unit’s gold costs in the game, as well as massively buffing the gold generation of farms. With units now costing much more gold than before but with farms also being more powerful, you’ll now be more pressured to build a few to fund your army’s costs instead of razing them for more barracks space.

Speaking of, there’s now a maximum limit to each map that determines how many units each player can control. This can also be turned off in the lobby if you ever wish to push your limits to how many units you can micromanage in under 60 seconds!

Patch Notes (January 7, 2020)
Mechanic Changes
1.) Added a Max Unit game option. This allows players to set a limit for how much Supply each player can get for a certain game.

Campaign Changes
1.) All tutorial messages can now be closed via the “x” button found below the message.
2.) Added Carl’s campaign missions.

Unit Changes
1.) Unit costs have been increased across the board. New cost tiers are 20/30/50/80 gold.
2.) Decreased Ranged Damage by 25%.
3.) Tree of Life now Summons Treants instead of “exploding” into Treants.
4.) Tree of Life now has an AoE Heal instead of the special Draw Card ability.
5.) Druids now summon Saplings instead of Treants.
6.) Saplings now have 5 movement instead of 3.
7.) Elder Treants renamed to Rooted Treants.
8.) Fixed an issue where Elven Villagers didn’t have access to their Healing ability.

Power Changes
1.) Web and Entangle now reduces movement instead of snares a unit.
2.) Web now costs 15 gold instead of 20 gold.
3.) Elite Entangle now deals damage.

Structure Changes
1.) Mage Towers now provide additional range to Buffs/Heals/Curses.
2.) Mage Towers now provide additional damage to Curses.
3.) Reduced additional damage provided by Towers and Mage Towers to +1/+2 from +2/+4 damage.
4.) Increased gold generated by Farms to 20/30/40 from 15/20/25 gold per turn.

As always, our Steam and Discord forums are here for your feedback. Happy New Year everyone!