Latest Patch notes (2/5/2020) – March of the Machines

Part brilliant engineer, part daring adventurer, Gearmaster Shelbia comes to Last Regiment with her army of ever-evolving Constructs in tow. Deploy Minelayers to defend against incursions, surround your foes with hordes of Clockwork Footmen, rule the seas with Mechanical Sharks, and end your enemies with the fearsome Battlecrawler.

Boasting durability against missiles and the ability to adapt to any battlefield, we hope you enjoy playing Last Regiment’s new faction.

Patch Notes (February 5, 2020)
Campaign Changes
1.) Added a new chapter that contains 4 new missions involving Gearmaster Shelbia and Princess Zilvera.

Faction Changes
1.) Added Gearmaster Shelbia’s faction.

Unit Changes
1.) Added new units – Technologist, Clockwork Footmen, Buzzsaw Construct, Spider Carronade, Battlecrawler, Minelayer, Drillwalker, Mechanical Sharks, Flamethopters, Bovid Warrior, and Venomous Sandwyrm.
2.) Replaced Princess Zilvera’s Flying trait to Armored Flying.
3.) Replaced Imperial Galleon’s Artillery Fire with Artillery Bombard.

Power Changes
1.) Increased mana cost of all Mana-based powers by 1 or 2 mana depending on their effects.
2.) Increased mana cost of Mana Drip card to 4 from 3 mana.
3.) Reduced mana generated by Heroes and Elite Unique Mages to 2 from 4 mana per turn.
4.) Added Upgrade Construct, Armorize Construct, Augment Construct, Self-Awareness, and Sedition cards.

Bug Fixes
1.) Fixed issue where clicks passthrough popups while building a regiment.
2.) Fixed issue where certain powers didn’t properly show visual effects.
3.) Fixed issue where all units became available in the Map Editor.

As always, our Steam forums and Discord are always open for feedback. Enjoying the new units? Found something broken? Wondering why we never had any Mecha Sharks in this game earlier? Come tell us!