Last Regiment’s Release Delayed to June 2

Hey everyone, it’s exactly as it says on the tin. We’re going to be delaying Last Regiment’s release date from May 19 to June 2.

We’re sorry the delay happened at the very last minute, but we had to think very carefully about if we could launch with the sort of marketing work we had done, and the answer was no. We need more time to get the word out, to get those ads up and emails sent, and just overall be better prepared for when the game finally releases. As a bonus, it gives our team some extra time to do easy last-minute bug fixes and quality of life changes too.

Unfortunately, that means our big countdown isn’t quite going to last until June 2 anymore, but in case you wanted to see what the rest of the art looked like, here it is!

And a GIF with every hero in the game!

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