Latest Patch Notes (5/28/2020) – Goodbye to Dryland

Ladies and gentlemen, say goodbye to the Dryland tiles and Dryland native powers with them, they are gone! No more! Vamooshed out of existence!

Oh, and we got some other changes for you too. Hardened and Inorganic Construct are no longer percentage based damage reduction, and a rework to purify should see it be a better counter against those nasty flamethrowers. Read on in the patch notes below!

Patch Notes (May 28, 2020)
Terrain Changes

-Dryland terrain has been removed from the game. All previous Dryland tiles have been changed to Flatland.

Faction Changes
-Replaced Spore Patrol and Arch Sunpriest with Dragonfly Cavalry and Warmaster for Sawtooth faction.

Unit Changes
-Reduced cost of Grenadiers to 50 gold and increased HP by 5.
-Replaced Mana Gain with Builder for Imperial Scientist.
-Reduced cost of Trench Orcs by 25 gold.
-Increased attack of Elite Farm Machinery by 2.
-Replaced Protection with Fortified Shield for Palace Guard.
-Reduced cost of Arch Sunpriest by 25 gold.
-Removed unique tag for Arch Sunpriest.
-Reduced Arch Sunpriest Mana Gain by 1.
-Increased attack of Leopard Scouts by 2.
-Reduced cost of Elven Huntress by 25 gold.

Ability Changes
-Converted the damage reduction of Inorganic Construct and Hardened to flat reduction instead of %-based reduction.
-Updated the numbers on Mana to Gold and Gold to Mana abilities.
-Increased amount of HP healed by Vampiric to 10HP.
-Slow and Pain now deal damage and affect a 1 Hex AoE. Elite versions of these abilities have 3 range.
-Sun Invocation now lasts 3 turns.
-Increased Fortification bonus on Garrison by 2.
-Increased gold generated by Hunting to 10-15 gold.
-Purify now also grants a 1 turn debuff protection.

Card Changes
-Reduced gold cost of Adaptability to 0.
-Combined Lore of the Leaves and Lore of the Earth into one card.
-Changed Mage Armor card cost to 4 mana from 15 gold.

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