Latest Patch Notes (12/2/2019) – A New Hero

Glorious mustache!

We’ve got a small patch with a BIG treat for you today folks. We’ve enabled a new hero, Carl, and his faction for multiplayer and skirmish play.

It was only supposed to be a bugfix patch but then we thought, “Ahh why not? it’s Early Access.”

So here we are, releasing a brand new hero that might still be in need of some balancing (so do leave us feedback!) Carl grants his faction extra CP, and a wealth of artillery specialization to blow his enemies to kingdom come.

We hope you have fun with him!

Patch Notes (December 2, 2019)
Faction Changes
Carl has been made available. His faction is still subject to major changes as we do more testing.

Unit Changes
Adjusted Grenadiers attack to 1 from 2.
Removed Engineering from Grenadiers
Reduced cost of Grenadiers to 20 gold from 40 gold.
Reduced movement of Field Artillery to 2 from 3.

Power Changes
Reduced range for non-elite Artillery Fire to 2 hexes from 3 hexes. Elite Artillery Fire is untouched.
Reduced cost of Ammunition Shortage to 20 gold from 40 gold.
Reduced Discipline’s additional HP to 2 HP from 4 HP.

Bug Fixes
Fixed the issue where Fortification points did not persist after Fortify action was used during a Multiplayer session.
Fixed a text issue where it said to finish Olivia’s 2nd mission to unlock Skirmish or Multiplayer mode while only needing to finish the 2nd mission of the 1st Campaign Chapter.

As always, our Steam Forums and Discord Server are always open to your feedback, and we’d really like to get some! You can help us balance Carl and his bombastic artillery spam. We’re always hoping to hear from you!

Latest Patch Notes (November 27, 2019)

Hey everyone! We have another major mechanics update for you today!

Defend has been removed with the ability to fortify on any tile instead, with fortification also giving units access to new abilities. We hope that this change further emphasizes the importance of good positioning and map control, as well as makes defensive play a lot more dynamic and interesting.

Specifically, with fortification unlocking a unit’s full capabilities, we hope that players who secure good positions on the map first are rewarded by not having to spend a turn fortifying as soon as combat begins (since they arrived at their position first,) while also punishing players who are caught in a bad position by needing to spend one turn before they are fully equipped for battle.

Here’s the changelog for this patch:

Mechanic Changes
1.) Defend has been removed from the game.
2.) Fortify can now be used on any tile with or without a structure.
3.) Different terrains now provide different amounts of Fortification points.
4.) Raze now only reduces a structure’s improvement level by one instead of entirely destroying it to a Ruined state or Foundation.

Campaign Changes
1.) Reworked Prologue missions to improve the tutorials each mission has.
2.) Second Prologue mission has been split into two to lessen tutorial overload in one mission.
3.) Updated the first half of Olivia’s campaign for Ship and Charge tutorials.
4.) Updated Campaign Regiment tutorial.
5.) Players can now create their own Campaign Regiment startin on Olivia’s 2nd mission.

Power Changes
1.) Armored has been renamed to Hardened and it now only reduces 25% Missile/Artillery damage from 50%.
2.) Destroy Structure now follows the Raze mechanic changes of reducing a structure’s improvement level by 1.
3.) Reduced costs of Buffs and Heals.
4.) Skilled Support has been reworked to Improve Morale which is an active power that provides +2 attack around a 2-hex area.
5.) Added Buff Removal card power which removes all permanent buffs on target unit.
6.) Added Quick Fortify card power which provides Fortification points to target unit.
7.) Added Fortified Armor power which provides a unit 50% damage reduction from Missile/Artillery while Fortified.
8.) Added Fortified Shield power which provides a unit with 50% damage reduction while Fortified.
9.) Added Entrenched Artillery and Entrenched Missile power which provides bonus damage to Artillery/Missile powers while Fortified.
10.) Updated Tenacious power to provide +2 attack while Fortified.
11.) Updated Garrison power to provide +3 Fortification while unit is on a Structure.
12.) Updated Plant Regeneration powers to require them to be Fortified before regenerating HP every turn.
13.) Updated Stone Hail/Barrage powers to require Elder Treant to be Fortified before they can use said power.
14.) Improve Artillery now provides +1 damage to main target and splash target instead of just +2 damage to main target.
15.) Adjusted cost of Fog to 4 mana from 8 mana.

Unit Changes
1.) Trench Orc now has Fortified Armor instead of Hardened.
2.) Blunderbuss Infantry now have Entrenched Missile.
3.) All non-Ship or non-flying units with Artillery powers now have Entrenched Artillery.
4.) Thaumaturge now has Fortified Shield.

Structure Changes
1.) Farm now generates more gold and provides a higher Gold Limit.
2.) Standardized Gold Bonus when Razing structures.

AI Changes
1.) AI now knows how to use more Card Powers.
2.) Updated unit spawning strategy.

Misc Changes
1.) Fixed issue with Bumper Crop not properly applying bonus gold.
2.) Added more Tooltips to Regiment Create UI.
3.) Updated some power descriptions to be more readable.
4.) Added a “Summary” popup at the start of every campaign mission.
5.) Updated campaign text and cutscenes.

As always, our steam community forums and our discord server are always open to listen to your feedback!

We would also like to thank you very much for joining us on Early Access. We know the constant mechanic changes over content updates may be frustrating to some, but it is always our goal to make Last Regiment as fun to play as possible, and we believe greatly experimenting with the game mechanics will lead to a much more enjoyable experience in the long run. Thank you so much for playing our game, and we’ll see you in the next update!

Latest Patch notes (10/21/2019) – Melee, Ships, Goblins, and Constructs

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? We’ve got a major update for you today, featuring reworks to melee combat, new ship units, and a revamped tutorial.

A New Way To Beat Your Foes

Tired of taking return damage every time you engage an enemy in melee combat? Frustrated that a faster enemy can simply slip away before you can land a blow on them when they’re right next to you? Worry no more! All units now have two new abilities, Assault and Charge. Assault allows any unit to strike at another unit in melee range without taking return damage automatically, although be warned that any enemy can simply choose to assault you back! Charge on the other hand, is a melee attack meant to force you into the tile the enemy is standing on. Should you defeat them, you will occupy their tile before the movement phase even begins. Perfect for securing important buildings in a heated battle!

Rule the Waters of Kothia

Take to the water with our brand new ship units, which can hold multiple other units inside them at once and give them a ride across the rivers and seas of the continent. Use them to move your armies across waterways, open up new avenues of attack, and assault the enemy’s beachfront property with their powerful cannons.

Goblins VS Robots

It’s the most unlikely matchup of Kothia’s history as Goblins go to war with the mysterious Constructs in these all-new tutorial levels.

Join Warmaster Thistlebloom, the survivor of an Infected attack, as she explores unfamiliar territory teeming with war machines from time out of mind. With only mere stragglers and a human called Tristan to call her forces, she must find her way out of No Man’s Land before she and all her men are crushed under the Constructs’ steel.

Patch Notes (October 21, 2019)

Mechanic Changes

1.) Reworked how melee works by introducing the concept of Assault and Clash. Assault is a new power that happens after Ranged Combat phase but before Movement phase. Old melee attacks are now known as Clash and happen during Movement phase.

2.) Charge has been reworked to use the same mechanic as Assault but with the added benefit of moving to the target’s hex if it dies.

3.) Embark and Disembark has been removed from the game.

4.) Units can now board Ships by standing adjacent to them and using the Board power. Boarding/Unboarding happens before Movement phase.

5.) Floating Menu now appears when performing an adjacent movement drag to ask the player if they want to Assault, Charge, or Move.

Campaign Changes

1.) Added a Prologue chapter with three Missions.

2.) Updated tutorials to incorporate the changes to Melee and Embark/Disembark.

Unit Changes

1.) Added new units – Infantry Officer, Grenadier, Gryffon Dragoon, Elk Cavalry, Clockwork Enforcer, Clockwork Footman, Buzzsaw Construct, Orc Gunboat, Goblin River Traders.

2.) Adjusted Unit Cost tiers to 10/20/40/60 from 15/25/40/60/90.

3.) Adjusted Unit stats across the board to better reflect the cost changes and melee changes.

Power Changes

1.) Furious Brawl and Bloodbath now only affect Assault and Charge.

2.) Removed Upgrade power from all Units. An Elite unit can now only be made by playing a unit card on top of an existing unit.

3.) Engineering passive now works for all damage types.

4.) Standardized costs for Transform powers to 10 gold or 2 mana.

5.) Standardized costs for Non-Elite and Elite powers instead of Elite Powers costing a bit more.

6.) Updated damage ranges for Ranged powers to be more consistent.

7.) Updated heal ranges for Healing powers to be more consistent.

UI Changes

1.) Updated Left click and Right click behavior on Regiment Select UI. Left click now adds/removes a card from your Regiment slot and Right click now shows the larger version of the card where you can hover icons to get more information.

2.) Updated fonts for the game.

3.) Updated card art.

4.) Updated necessary UIs for Melee and Boarding changes.

5.) Achievement popups now automatically go away after a few seconds or when closed down.

Bug Fixes

1.) Fixed an issue with Ports that didn’t allow them to be upgraded up to 3-stars.

2.) Fixed an issue about damage not getting doubled when a unit that is using Billeted Rest gets hit.

3.) Fixed the double stacking visual issue for Rage.

4.) Fixed visual issue where Bloodbath or Furious Brawl updating the Unit’s attack even after the effects have worn off.

5.) Potentially fixed the issue in Multiplayer where 2 players can have the same color.

6.) Fixed an issue when highlighting a Structure power in Building UI that showed extra information.

7.) Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Excited to play our new changes? Want to tell us how great (or terrible) a job we did? Planning to break out the monkey we chained to a typewriter to make these posts? Our Steam Forums and Discord server are always ready to hear you out and beg you to leave the monkey alone.

It cost us so much to train him.