Dev Blog #29 – Building Maps

This week we’ve been playing around with the editor, and looking at the process in which we add new tiles. Take note, there are different types of tiles: walkable tiles, impassable tiles, and structures, and it takes regular playtesting to make sure the maps are fun to play.

For maps with a sporeland type terrain, players need to build a regiment of units that are immune to Infection and other spore effects.

Part of creating the map editor is trying duplicate real world things in the game. However, a lot of the maps are representational, and do not show the real sizes of things such as mountains, oceans, and villages.

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We’ve also been doing a lot of fixes based on the results of our unit testing last week. At this point, we have made sure that the basic game make sense, decided what features we need, designed the different characters, and built the environment it is set in. We’re almost ready to start working on the campaigns.

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We have a bunch of maps already created, but some still need adjustment. Here’s the actual process of creating a map for Last Regiment.

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For our question of the week, we want to ask our players: what do you love and hate about the map editors in other games?

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As always, send us your answers and other comments on our Discord.