Latest Patch notes (9/17/2019) – Map Meltdown

Over the course of several internal playtests, we discovered some interesting things about our multiplayer maps: mainly that a few of them suck, and others should have been nuked from orbit entirely.

Unwilling to go through another match of being bottlenecked through two docks, Chris spent several nights rebuilding just about every map we have. We hope you and your friends appreciate his efforts!

Patch Notes (September 17, 2019)
Campaign Changes
1.) Reordered and adjusted tutorials for Olivia’s 4th mission.
2.) Updated tutorial text for Olivia’s 4th mission.
3.) Overhauled Olivia’s 5th mission to make the flow smoother.
4.) Updated the map for Olivia’s 5th mission.
5.) Players can now customize their regiment on Olivia’s 6th mission.
6.) Players can now customize their regiment on Hollythorn’s 1st mission.

Map Changes
1.) Overhauled all 15 Skirmish/MP Maps.

UI Changes
1.) Updated card art to use a rectangle shape.
2.) Updated checkbox and “click to continue” locations to be outside the dialog box.
3.) EA Message box can now be closed by either clicking on the “x” button or outside of the message box.

1.) Fixed issue where units can’t use transform powers while on a Bridge.
2.) Fixed typos on Achievements text.
3.) Fixed some highlighting issues for Regiment List UI.
4.) Fixed card and page button positioning to avoid overlap.

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