Last Regiment Patch Update (9/07/19) – It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Early Access!

Hey all! We’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Early Access! The team’s doing all it can to make it as smooth a launch as possible, testing single-player, multiplayer, and just about every button we can press that looks like it could break something, all the while praying to the powers that be that nothing actually breaks.

With that being said, here’s our newest build, and what you’ll be playing on when Last Regiment releases in just a couple of days!

Mechanic Changes
1.) Updated amount of gold or mana you gain when discarding to 5 or 1 respectively.
2.) Regiments can now be changed during session setup by clicking on the regiment emblem.
3.) Added countdown timer to auto start on Multiplayer session when half of the players are ready.
4.) When disbanding your own hero, a prompt now appears before the action is sent to the unit.

Regiment Changes
1.) Updated Preset regiments for all heroes.

Campaign Changes
1.) Revamped difficulty for all available campaign missions.
Note: Olivia’s missions are playable. Hollythorn’s mission are still WIP.

Unit Changes
1.) Pirate Captain is now part of Olivia’s faction.
2.) Town Guard is now free for all.
3.) Added Sylph Healer to the roster.

Power Changes
1.) Forest Fire, Storm, Earthquake, and Lightning Strike have all been reworked.
2.) Updated numbers for all healing powers to be more inline with amount of damage dealt by ranged powers.
3.) Fine Weapons can now only be acquired from Barracks.
4.) Fine Tools can now only be acquired from Town.
5.) Local Support is now a Silvio exclusive card.
6.) Mage Armor has been removed from Mage Tower draw pile.
7.) New Plans has been removed from Town draw pile.
8.) Combined Fire has been removed from Tower draw pile.
9.) Combined Arms has been added to Tower draw pile.

Structure Changes
1.) 1-star Tower and Mage Tower now provide range +1 for their respective power types.
2.) 2-star Tower and Mage Tower now provide ranged damage +1 for their respective power types.
3.) 3-star Tower and Mage Tower now provide ranged damage +2 for their respective power types.

Map Changes
1.) Updated Map names and descriptions.
2.) Added names to the towns and docks present on the maps.

Bugfixes/Misc Changes
1.) Shortened text for Summon and Transform powers.
2.) Updated power descriptions.
3.) Added missing localization text strings.
4.) Fixed a bunch of UI/resolution issues.
5.) Updated sounds.
6.) Revamped a bunch of UIs for better usability.

Questions? Violent reactions? Words of encouragement for the monkey we chained to a typewriter to get these patch notes out as soon as we make a new build? Hop on to our Discord and come say hi! We’re always ready to chat, (and a banana might be nice too.)