Latest Patch Notes (3/24/2020) – Ancient Magics

Hey everyone! Today’s patch enables two new factions for multiplayer and skirmish: the Beasts and The Infected, as well as their corresponding heroes The Hand of Zangor and Thaggor, two ancient wizards wielding power over life and death!

The Beasts are adaptability unrivaled, featuring a powerful ability to transform on the go through a faction-specific power card and adapt to any situation, while boasting diverse and powerful units.

The Infected on the other hand, creep like a rot through the map, infecting their opponent’s units and using the enemy’s numbers to bolster their own through a variety of unique and deadly power cards!

This patch also includes our first pass at Tristan’s campaign, as well as an updated Carl campaign featuring a new side mission starring our favorite merchant, Silvio!

Patch Notes (March 24, 2020)
Campaign Changes
1.) Added an extra mission under Carl’s Campaign that features Silvio.
2.) Added Tristan’s Campaign chapter.

Faction Changes
1.) Added Hand Of Zangor and Thaggor factions.

Unit Changes
1.) Added Buildchimps, Tusked Apes, Pocket Apes, Vampiric Lemurs, Saurian Champion, Monkeys on Monkeys, Beastmage, Sea Witch, Tentaklor, Windlords, Ivorian Warpriest, Spore Farmers, Infected Villagers, Giant Sporeslug, Blightmaster, Death Guard, Spore Patrol, Rotwyrm, Mindless Things, Disciples of Zali, Deathpriests on Vultures, Giant Spore Crayfish.
2.) Added Woodlant Native to all Plant units.
3.) Added Tenacious to Satyr.
4.) Added +1 Supply trait to Electroboom.
5.) Changed Electroboom and Explosive Immolation AoE range to 2 hexes.
6.) Changed damage range of Electroboom and Explosive Immolation to 6-12 from 11-16.
7.) Added new Upgrade Plant power to Sapling.

Power Changes
1.) Added Cloud of Death, Meteor Call, and Polymorph Beast, Lesser Polymorph, Strengthen Fungus, Willing Infection, Final Sacrifice, Fungal Frenzy, Syphon Life, Plague, Sporebloom, Plague of Zali, Curse Protection.
2.) Updated race buff cards to the following: Faeborn gets Regeneration, Beast gets Blood Rage, Plant gets Venom, Infected get Spore Touch, Goblinkin get Native multicard.
3.) Updated cost of Bivouac Rest to 10 gold.
4.) Adjusted Healing Cloud and Wave of Purification heal amount and cost.
5.) Adjusted Regeneration card heal per turn.
6.) Changed resource required for Fireblast to gold.
7.) Lowered the amount of healing done by Rites of Strength and Mana’s Grace.
8.) Adjusted Mechanical Sharks movement to 8 from 4.
9.) Adjusted cost of Recruit Woodland Critter to 2 mana from 4 mana.

Bug Fixes
1.) Fixed bug with matchmaking algorithm causing server freeze.
2.) Fixed neutral AI reacting to player win events.
3.) Fixed tile decals not refreshing properly after loading from savegame.

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