Latest Patch Notes (3/3/2020) – Resource Fixes

Okay, okay, we may have gone overboard with the nerfs for mana last patch. Today’s patch is aimed at fixing Zilvera’s poor, broken kneecaps, as well as adding some quality of life changes along with some slight buffs and nerfs to our units.

Patch Notes (March 3, 2020)
Mechanic Changes
1.) Players in an Alliance now share vision which allows cards and powers to be used as long as there are available targets in vision.
2.) Disabled timer when Selecting cards for Skirmish mode.

Faction Changes

1.) Carl now has exclusive access to Destroy Structure card.

Unit Changes
1.) Mana-based heroes now generate 6 mana per turn from 2 mana per turn.
2.) Replaced Emergency Heal with Cure for Village Witch so the unit only uses Mana for powers.
3.) Replaced Enhance Assault with Directed Attack for Infantry Officer.
4.) Replaced Repair Ship with Aquatic Killer for Marine Officer.
5.) Reduced base HP of Chainsaw Elf from 26 to 20.
6.) Replaced Improve Morale with Melee Counter power for Clockwork Enforcer.
7.) Added Mana Gain II to Tree of Life.
8.) Reduced all Construct base HP by 2.

Power Changes
1.) Added new Directed Attack and Aquatic Killer powers.
2.) Added new Melee Counter power.
3.) Reduced Nature’s Protection duration to 1 turn.

Card Changes
1.) Lowered the cost of Ritual of Oblation, Mana to Gold, and Gold to Mana.
2.) Adjusted the amount of resources given by Ritual of Oblation, Mana to Gold, and Gold to Mana.
3.) Reduced cost of Destroy Structure to 30 from 60 gold.
4.) Reduced cost of Ammunition Shortage to 10 from 15 gold.
5.) Reduced cost of Local Support to 10 from 15 gold.
6.) Reduced cost of Daring Escape to 15 from 25 gold.
7.) Reduced cost of Sniper Sight to 20 from 30 gold.
8.) Reduced cost of Marksmanship to 10 from 15 gold.
9.) Reduced cost of Pilferer and Scavenger to 10 from 15 gold.
10.) Reduced cost of New Plans to 10 from 15 gold.
11.) Reduced cost of Forward Planning to 5 from 10 gold.
12.) Increased the redraw amount of New Plans to 4 from 3.
13.) Increased the random draw options of Forward Planning to 4 from 3.

UI Changes
1.) Added a card count indicator when Selecting Starting cards.
2.) Select Starting cards button is only enabled when the player has selected a requisite number of cards.
3.) Updated behavior of ESC key to close down popups.
4.) Added a confirmation popup when deleting a regiment.
5.) Removed coloring of Starting Position flags on Map Preview.

Bug Fixes
1.) Fixed an issue that allowed duplicate player colors in Skirmish.
2.) Fixed an issue where permanent buffs didn’t get properly saved.
3.) Fixed an issue where a campaign mission didn’t show the Next button after completion.
4.) Fixed issues on Amplify Spell card that didn’t properly apply the bonus damage to splash damage.
5.) Fixed an issue with Plant Invigoration activation.
6.) Fixed issue with Construct multicards that allowed them to be cast on units that already have one of the traits.

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