Latest Patch Notes (5/22/2020) – Two Kitchen Sinks

Hey all! We have a truly gigantic list of changes for you today, even bigger than the last major patch which was the largest we’ve ever done. When we delayed the game’s release by two weeks, we thought “Well, last chance to get in one more major overhaul” and took it, revamping every unit’s HP and damage numbers as well as massively overhauling abilities and movement costs. It’s Last Regiment as you’ve never played it before, filled with lightning-fast 5 speed units and 100 HP behemoths. We really love a lot of the changes we’ve made, and we hope you’ll find the game faster, deadlier, and way more fun than it’s ever been!

Patch Notes (May 22, 2020)
Language Change
-Unit powers are now called “Ability/Abilities” while Card powers are now called “Power/Powers”

Faction Changes
-Replaced Mobile Aeronauts with Spider Hussars for Hollythorn’s faction. Kaboom.
-Replaced Infantry Officer with Centaur Hunters for Tristan’s faction.
-Replaced Curse Protection power with Vampiric Lemurs for Hand of Zangor faction.

Unit Changes
-Overhauled stats and cost tiers for ALL units. Seriously, you may want to check them out.
-Increased Movement and Sight Range of all units by 1.
-Flying units can now use Fortify but they now also receive 50% more damage from Missile abilities.
-Replaced Tenacious with Woodland Native for Spider Ranchers.
-Replaced Woodland Native with Dense Missile for Huntmaster.
-Hero Mage units now generate 4 mana instead of 6.
-Basic Mage units now generate 1 mana (2 mana for Elite version).
-Unique Mage units now generate 2 mana (3 mana for Elite version).
-Added Soul Siphon (generate 1-4 mana on hit) passive to Infected Villagers and Blightmaster.
-Added Well-Supplied to Infantry Officer and Pirate Captain.
-Removed Ripened Clutch from possible transform options of Foul Clutch.
-Removed Transform Shrieking Horror from Rotwyrm.
-Removed Transform Angry Mob from Chaingang.
-Added Transform Spore Patrol to Spore Farmer.
-Removed Transform Treant from Deepwood Tender.
-Added Builder to Farm Machinery.
-Removed Amphibious from Pirates.
-Removed Ravenous Vampirism from Lemurs.
-Replaced Shield with Protection for Unleashed Moonspirit.
-Removed Directed Attack from Infantry Officer.
-Removed Tree Hurl from Saurian Champion.
-Added Vermin to Cave Rat.
-Replaced Trench Orc Fortified Armor with Hardened.
-Replaced Sullhan Crusader Fortified Armor with Revitalize.
-Added Water Native to Spore Crayfish.
-Added Hardened to Boar Riders.
-Added Woodland Native to Elk Cavalry.
-Added Venom to Spider Hussars.
-Added Dense Missile to Elven Archers, Rangers, and Death Guard.
-Replaced Blunderbuss Infantry Entrenched Missile with Hardened.
-Replaced Spore Patrol Entrenched Missile with Dense Missile.
-Replaced Elven Huntress Ballista with Archery.
-Added Hunting (+5-10 gold when using Archery) to Elven Huntress.
-Added Farsight to Huntmaster.
-Removed Woodland Critters, Attack Spiders, and Pocket Apes from General Unit Pool.
-Moved Mobile Aeronauts to General Unit Pool.
-Replaced Merchantman Archery with Ballista.
-Added Grapeshot to Goblin Airship.
-Removed Broadside Fire from Imperial Galleon.
-Removed Woodland Native on Goblin Poison Archers.
-Replaced Efficient Builder with Builder for Carl and Craftsmen.
-Removed Mana generation and Mage tag from Elven Villager.
-Reduced gold cost of Elven Villager to 25 gold.

Ability Changes
-Added restriction for Fortification to only be usable when on Land terrain due to allowing Flying units to Fortify.
-Doubled the cost of Mana-based abilities.
-Enhance Missiles and Explosive Shot now affect a 1 hex AoE area. Elite versions of these provide stronger bonuses.
-Updated Efficient Builder to reduce build/upgrade cost by 10 gold.
-Standardized Burn and Poison damage and duration.
-Updated Bloodrage to provide flat attack instead of a damage multiplier.
-Increased range of Piercing Shot and Stone Hail by 1.
-Increased HP gain of Vampiric from 2 to 5.
-Updated Improve Morale to have a range.
-Updated costs and numbers for all damage abilities.
-Increased gold and mana generated when discarding cards to 10 and 2 respectively.
-Repair abilities can now also be used on Ships.
-Increased range of Crippling Snipe by 1.
-Updated Fortification points gained on certain Terrain.
-Added 1 extra range to heal/purify/repair abilities
-Updated Venom to only apply on melee attacks
-Reworked the cost and effects of most Heals, Buffs, and Curse abilities. Some have been made cheaper, stronger, or have a larger AoE for their Elite versions.
-Reworked Nature’s Protection to grant a 3 turn regen buff instead of shield. Renamed the ability to Circle of Regeneration.
-Reworked Berserk Beast to be usable on any unit type. Renamed the ability to Berserk.
-Updated Native powers to make movement cost be 2 on certain terrains.

Card Changes
-Doubled the cost of Mana-based powers.
-Regeneration card can now be used on full HP units.
-Increased amount of mana gained from Research.
-Updated all Cards that can transform a unit to be usable on Ports/Bridges but not on Water.
-Removed Curse Protection card.
-Replaced Plant Venom card with Plant Armor card.
-Updated Fog and Cloud of Death to be usable on any visible hex.
-Updated AoE cards like Forest Fire and Storm can now be used on hexes adjacent to units.
-Updated icon for Adaptability.
-Adjusted Daring Escape shield effect to only last 1 turn.
-Renamed Daring Escape to Courage.
-Renamed Wave of Purification to Purifying Wave.
-Increased cost of Sedition to 50 gold.
-Increased cost of Destroy Structure to 75 gold.

Terrain Changes
-Increased movement cost for Farmland and Flatland to 2.
-Added a new Dense category for Woodlands, Wetlands, and Sporelands with a movement cost of 3.
-Updated certain tiles to be Woodlands, Wetlands, or Sporelands.

Structure Changes
-Build and Upgrade now cost 50 for all tiers.
-Added 1 Supply for Farms, Towers, and Mage Towers. Supply amount does not increase when these structures get upgraded.
-Added structure level trait for easier viewing of the upgrade level of a structure when a unit is on it.
-Doubled mana generated by Mage Tower.
-Increasd Mana Limit of Mage Towers and Towns by 20.
-Updated Repair ability on Ports to be usable on Constructs.
-Updated units available on Unit multicard from Farms, Mage Towers, and Towers.
-Replaced Bumper Crop and Plentiful Supplies with Basic Training and Bivouac Rest from Farm Power multicard.
-Updated Fortification points gained from Structures.

Map Changes
-Amerith Isle rebuilt entirely.
-Greenmont overhauled.
-Beni Oasis rebuilt from scratch.
-Bitterleaf point overhauled.
-Yargoth built from scratch.
– We’ll be updating more maps over time, so stay tuned!

Miscellaneous Changes
-Updated most Ability names for consistency.
-Updated ability and power descriptions for better clarity.
-Updated instruction messages on certain Healing cards to properly state which units get affected.
-Esc key now opens the Game Pause popup instead of Settings popup.
-Maps in skirmish/multiplayer now sort alphabetically.
-Added new counters besides gold and mana to indicate how much gold or mana you generate per turn.
-When changing resolutions, the game now automatically restarts after closing the game.
-Updated Regiment Create UI.

Bug Fixes
-Fixed issue with Garrison refreshing fortification points every turn when on a structure.
-Fixed bug with Final Sacrifice being able to infect Constructs.
-Fixed issue with Poison getting applied to Constructs
-Fixed prereqs for Healing cards since some were usable on ships.
-Fixed prereqs for Amplify Magic so it now can be used on units with Curse powers.
-Potentially fixed crashing when Campaign Dialog is present. Please do tell us if you encounter any more!
-Fixed a loading and saving bug when the player chooses a different starting position. Previous saves might be broken due to this.

Known Issue
-Presets haven’t been updated to incorporate all the new changes.
-Visual bugs when editing an old regiment (Creating a new one should be fine!)

Now as any experienced player knows, any enormous list of changes is bound to introduce bugs, crashes, and unforeseen consequences. Please do give us your feedback, over here on our Steam forums or over on our Discord. We would love to hear from you!