Last Regiment’s Release Delayed to June 2

Hey everyone, it’s exactly as it says on the tin. We’re going to be delaying Last Regiment’s release date from May 19 to June 2.

We’re sorry the delay happened at the very last minute, but we had to think very carefully about if we could launch with the sort of marketing work we had done, and the answer was no. We need more time to get the word out, to get those ads up and emails sent, and just overall be better prepared for when the game finally releases. As a bonus, it gives our team some extra time to do easy last-minute bug fixes and quality of life changes too.

Unfortunately, that means our big countdown isn’t quite going to last until June 2 anymore, but in case you wanted to see what the rest of the art looked like, here it is!

And a GIF with every hero in the game!

Have feedback? Come talk to us on our Steam Forums and Discord. We’re always listening!

Latest Patch Notes (5/14/2020) – Last Minute Fixes

Hey everyone! We’ve got bugfixes for ya! This patch should finally squash that lore bug for good, as well as the infinite range bug that’s been plaguing us for months now. Good riddance!

Patch Notes (May 14, 2020)
Preset Changes
-Revamped old preset regiments.
-Added presets for the other heroes.

Unit Changes
-Added Unique keyword to Unique units.
-Updated icon for Elite and Unique units.
-Removed strict targeting for certain single target mana-based unit powers.
-Reworked Draw Merchant power to be similar to Structure Draw powers.
-Increased cost of Craftsmen to 30 gold.

Card Changes
-Added Cloud of Death to general pool.
-Updated icon for Alter Fate card.
-Removed Mana Drip card.
-Moved Wave of Purification as a Zilvera exclusive.
-Adjusted cost of Wave of Purification to 4 mana from 5 mana.
-Adjusted Trade-in to only draw an extra card instead of 2 cards next turn.
-Adjusted Augment Damage card to a 25% damage multiplier instead of flat attack bonus.

Map Changes
-Added new 2p maps.

Misc Changes
-Adjusted the way the game handles connections in Multiplayer games.
-Structure HP on the Map Editor can no longer be adjusted.
-Added an autosave feature for Campaign/Skirmish.
-More description updates for better clarity.

Bug Fixes
-Fixed an issue where the Lore section of the game couldn’t be accessed.
-Fixed an issue where unit powers can have infinite range.
-Fixed issue where map can’t be scrolled when playing on 2560 x 1440 resolution.
-Fixed issue with Map Editor quicksave function.
-Fixed an issue where the resource calculation was incorrect when playing multicards.
-Fixed spectator mode issues with FoW and units not appearing.

You know what they say however, one bug is squashed and three more will eventually show up in its place. We’re always listening to your reports in the Discord server and Steam Forums!

Latest Patch Notes (5/5/2020) – Quality Of Life

Hey everyone! Today’s update mostly features some minor balance and quality of life changes for campaign, multiplayer, and our map editor. We’ve also updated the draw powers for buildings, splitting them into two Draw abilities so you can choose whether to draw unit cards or draw power cards!

We hope you enjoy!

Patch Notes (May 5, 2020)
Campaign Changes
-Added Intro video.
-Added Town names for very nearly every town after the prologue chapter.
-Adjusted goal titles and descriptions to properly identify specific town names affected.
-Added a few more dialog prompts to certain missions for better story clarity.
-Updated Elven Villager player’s AI and regiment for mission 4.3.

Editor Changes
-Added help tooltips that show up after hovering certain buttons/parts of the Editor.

Unit Changes
-Adjusted Chainsaw Elves base Attack/HP to 7/22 from 8/20.
-Adjusted Sporebeast base HP to 28 from 32.
-Adjusted Grenadiers and Simian Sniper base HP to 20 from 22.
-Added Amphibious to Pirates.

Power Changes
-Updated description and target instructions for most Unit Powers and Card Powers.
-Standardized mana-based AoE damage cards to be usable on any unit.
-Standardized mana cost of Mana-based unit powers. Most mana-based unit powers now cost 3 mana.
-Standardized mana cost of Mana-based unit powers.
-Adjusted cost of Web to 10 gold from 15 gold.
-Adjusted cost of Battle Roar to 15 gold from 20 gold.
-Adjusted amount healed by Emergency Treatment to 8-12 HP from 6-10 HP.
-Adjusted cost of Investments to 10 gold from 30 gold.
-Reduced amount of gold granted by Investments to 35 gold from 50 gold.
-Reduced cost of Market Fair to 5 gold from 10 gold.
-Reduced cost of Ritual of Oblation to 2 mana from 3 mana.
-Updated target unit for Market Fair and Shipping to be any unit.
-Increased gold cost of Destroy Structure to 45 gold from 30 gold.
-Updated card icons for AoE indicator.

Structure Changes
-Updated Draw powers for Farms, Barracks, Towers, and Mage Towers. Each of these structures now have two Draw Powers, one is to draw a Unit multicard and the other a Power multicard.

Misc Changes
-More updates to AI behavior
-Mission node icons now get hidden when viewing the world map.
-Resized certain character animations on menu screens.
-Certain preset regiments have been updated. Others are still being worked on.
-Fixed visual effects not showing up for certain cards when used.

As always, our Steam forums and our Discord are always listening to your feedback!