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Last Regiment Dev Blog Update and Patch Notes 7/3/2019 – Fixing The Big Clunks

We are just a few weeks away until Early Access to Last Regiment. To keep you caught up on what the team has done over the last week, here are the highlights of our recent stream.

Chris shared that the team’s been doing a lot of major changes over the last week after going through some notes and discussions out at our Discord server (special mention to our awesome betatester Helios!)

Although this is not really fully discussed in detail, the team appreciated the feedback about the game’s beta build updates.

The most common response from beta testers was that the “game felt clunky” and Chris greatly acknowledged this. Some players just want to dive into the game as soon as possible. Which means less things to click and go around. Back then we used to have high movement speeds which ended up players just keep chasing each other most of the time than fighting and it takes a lot more time. 

Chris covered several mechanics that the team also had to look at recently. These included Flanking, where if you have two, three, or four units surrounding your unit, that would decrease your attacking ability. He also talked about the early game economy and how our changes to gold gain affected it. The second part of the stream consisted of going through the game and talk about adding and suggesting sounds, as well as other features. 

Steam Build Notes:

We’ve been hard at work addressing the clunk, and are happy to push the following changes and new features for Last Regiment.

Mechanic Changes

  • Each level of Flanking now also reduces movement by 1.
  • Skirmish and Multiplayer locked until you finish Olivia’s 2nd campaign mission.
  • Added “coming soon” messages for Lore, Encyclopedia, and Map Editor.
  • Cards can now be discarded for either Gold or Mana during discard phase.
  • Regiment Presets have been added. Current regiments are still a work in progress.

Hero/Unit Changes

  • Captain de Roza
    • Added new Looter power.
    • Attack increased to 8 from 4.
  • Princess Zilvera
    • Attack increased to 4 from 3.
    • HP decreased to 25 from 30.
    • Replaced “Ritual of Power” with “Bonus: +2 Mana per turn” passive.
    • Added “Prayer of Healing” with “Nature’s Protection” power.


  • Trademaster Flores
    • Attack decreased to 1 from 4.
    • HP decreased to 15 from 30.
    • Replaced “Improve Economy” with “Taxation”.
    • Replaced “Commerce” with “Well-Funded”.


  • Captain Hollythorn
    • Attack increased to 5 from 4.
    • HP decreased to 25 from 30.
    • Added “Crippling Snipe”, “Arrow Shower”, “Death Mark” powers.
    • Removed “Arrow Barrage” and “Improve Missiles” powers.


  • Most units have been adjusted to make them more straight forward.
  • Fluttershred, Tendrilthorn, Harvest Spirit, and Wood Spirit are now summonable and can be selected by any Faction.


Faction Changes

  • Captain de Roza
    • Removed “Lore of the Earth” and “Colonial Training”. 
    • Added “Pilferer” and “Furious Brawl”. 
    • Note: Lore of the Earth and Colonial Training can now be selected by any Faction. 
  • Princess Zilvera
    • Replaced “Essence Conversion” and “Mage Armor”.
    • Added “Mana Conversion” and “Mana Drip”.
    • Note: Essence Conversion has been removed from the game. Mage Armor can now be selected by any Faction. 
  • Trademaster Flores
    • Removed “Bootcamp”.
    • Added “Investments”.
    • Note: Bootcamp can now be selected by any Faction.
  • Captain Hollythorn
    • Removed “Gnarled Brutality” and “Lore of the Leaves”.
    • Added “Marksmanship” and “Sniper Sight”.
    • Note: Gnarled Brutality and Lore of the Leaves can now be selected by any Faction.


Power Changes

  • Missile, Artillery, and Spell powers have been rebalanced (cost and damage adjustments).
  • Powers that allowed certain units to gain gold/mana have been removed from the game.
  • Dense Terrain
    • Changed to “Units on this hex take 25% less damage from Artillery and Missile attacks.” from “Unit on this hex have -1 Range for all Powers, +2 Attack when Defending, and takes 50% less damage from Artillery and Missile attacks”.
  • Trophy: Gold
    • Renamed to Looter.
    • Changed to “Gain 20 gold when Unit kills an enemy using Melee” from “Gain 2d4 gold when Unit kills an enemy using  Melee”.
  • Nature’s Protection (NEW)
    • Provide Shield to Allied units in Target Area until the next turn.
  • Taxation
    • Gain 15 gold.
  • Well-Funded (NEW) 
    • Gold Limit +50. 
  • Crippling Snipe (NEW)
    • Deal 3d4 damage and Slow a unit for 2 turns.
  • Arrow Shower (NEW)
    • Deal 2d2 damage in an area and Slow units for 2 turns.
  • Death Mark (NEW)
    • Make target unit take 25% increased damage from Missile powers.


Card Changes

  • Pilferer (NEW)
    • Target Unit gains Pilferer. Pilferer allows unit to gain 1d8 gold when it does a melee attack.
  • Furious Brawl (NEW)
    • All Allied Units in Area do double melee damage this turn.
  • Mana Conversion (NEW)
    • Gain 60 gold.
  • Mana Drip (NEW)
    • Target Unit gains Mana Drip. Mana Drip allows unit to gain +1 mana per turn passively.
  • Investments (NEW)
    • Gain 75 gold and draw 2 additional cards next turn.
  • Marksmanship (NEW)
    • Target Unit gains Marksmanship for 1 turn. Marksmanship doubles missile damage dealt by unit.
  • Sniper Sight (NEW)
    • Target Unit gains Sniper Sight. Sniper Sight grants +1 missile range.
  • Bloodbath
    • Fixed issue where the effect only got applied to Friendly Units.
  • Colonial Training
    • Reworked to only provide Efficient Builder passive.
  • Market Fair has been removed.
  • List of cards that can be acquired from Draw Card power from Structures have been updated.


Structure Changes

  • Structures have been reworked to make them more linear. There are now only 6 types of buildings in the game, namely Town, Port, Barracks, Farm, Tower, and Mage Tower.
    • Town – Generates Gold and Mana, and provides Control Points.
    • Port – Generates Gold and provides Control Points.
    • Barracks – Provides Control Points.
    • Farm – Generates Gold.
    • Tower – Provides passive buffs for Missile/Artillery powers.
    • Mage Tower – Generates Mana and provides passive buffs for Spell powers.
  • Base structures can now be upgraded twice (1 star and 2 star versions) to further increase what they provide.


Known Issues

  • Some powers are missing effects and use placeholder icons/art.
  • Campaign objectives and descriptions aren’t fully polished with regards to the changes to structures.


That’s our biggest update for this week! Add the game to your wishlist on Steam today and give us your feedback and bug reports to our growing Discord server. Your feedback will really help us out in getting Last Regiment ready for Early Access on August 5, 2019, which is just a few weeks away!


Chris will be doing weekly streams again every Wednesday 10pm EST / Thursday 10am GMT+8 on the Boomzap Twitch channel. We also have multiplayer sessions with the Boomzap team every Tuesday and Thursday 10am GMT+8. Join us on those dates! 

Last Regiment Blog and Patch Update 6/25/19 – The Big Beta Hubidibub

This is this week’s Big Beta Hubidibub! In this blogpost, we’re recapping last week’s Last Regiment stream(June 20), and a new patch update for the Steam Beta build. 

June 20 Stream Highlights

Last week, Chris went into detail about the die system and acknowledged that some don’t seem to get it when someone says 2d6, 2d3; and mentioned mixed feedback about the card system. All-in-all, with most audiences being unfamiliar with Dungeons and Dragons or similar dice-related games, changes to dice rolls will be made before the game gets released for Early Access. 

This stream also introduces us to Chris’ created newly catchy word Hubidibub  which means “a lot of words” or “a lot of stuff” in one place, hench the title of this post. 

Last Regiment has been a two-year project of Boomzap and Chris admits that it’s hard putting a game on Beta. He shares that while thinking of a concept for a strategy game a long time ago, he first thought of themes of the World Wars I and II, before coming up with Regiment’s colonial setting.

“This is the challenge of innovation.” Chris says on stream. There will always be risks on making a creative concept and this is the main challenge we face on Beta because there will always be people who will not like it. But with the help of the community (in this case our Discord), it helps us think of ways to make this game fun, balanced, and interesting, especially for turn-based strategy gamers. 

As we are just a couple of weeks away from Early Access, the feedback we get from our beta testers will be critical in getting Last Regiment ready upon release. 

Patch Update

Our Steam Beta build has been recently updated. Here are the things we’ve changed and added:

Game Mechanics

  • Regiment now follows a deck system instead of a weighted system.
  • Regiment can now contain 9 to 12 cards.
  • Card Rarity has been changed to Card Amount.
  • At the start of a Skirmish or Multiplayer game, players have 10 seconds to choose which cards to redraw for their first hand.


  • Increased movement for all Infantry type units from 2 to 3.
  • Increased movement for all Mounted type units from 3 to 4.


  • Reduced movement cost of Flatland terrain from 2 to 1.5.


  • Fixed Beta Build UI text issues on higher resolutions.
  • Updated Create Regiment UI.


  • Updated descriptions for Powers.
  • Added new visual effect for Upgrade Unit power.

That’s our update for this week! Add the game to your wishlist on Steam today and give us your feedback and bug reports to our growing Discord server. Your feedback will really help us out in getting Last Regiment ready for Early Access on August 5, 2019!

Chris will be doing weekly streams again every Wednesday 10pm EST / Thursday 10am GMT+8 on the Boomzap Twitch channel. We also have multiplayer sessions with the Boomzap team every Tuesday and Thursday 10am GMT+8. Join us on those dates! 

Dev Blog #27 – New Factions, Balancing Issues, and Marketing Plans

Four weeks until closed beta aka Earlier Access! First, here’s a rundown of what we’ve been up to recently.

Development Progress

While the purpose of the beta is to get more players to test the game so we can rebalance the game, it’s work that we’ve already started doing.

Watch Last Regiment Dev Blog #27: Balancing Issues from boomzapofficial on www.twitch.tv

We got a bunch of feedback from the first few rounds of new-unit testing and have been heavily making some major adjustments. We’re adding some powers, moving some others around, and refactoring a BUNCH of the numbers. However, this includes a subjective decision on what we think a unit and its powers are worth.

Watch Last Regiment Dev Blog #27: New Units, Regiment Builder, UI, and Faction Names from boomzapofficial on www.twitch.tv

Recent game changes also include some cool new stuff! We’ve added two new factions, Tinkersteel and Khazan. We’re also discussing some of the faction names, such as changing the Woodspawn to Faeborn, and the Highborne into Elves, which are more direct to the point.

Concept art for Tinkertsteel hero, Gearmage Shelbia

Aside from the new units, we’re also improving the user interface. Last week we added the livestreamer section in the main menu, and we’ll continue to look at more Twitch API integrations. The regiment builder is also now easier to select and sort.

Functional sorting system for Choose a Regiment screen

Changing Our Marketing Approach

One of the questions we received from Discord was: how are we going to market this game differently from Legends of Callasia? Again, we look at the reasons of why it failed, and determine where we got our money’s worth from our past marketing efforts.

Watch Last Regiment Dev Blog #27: How are we going to market this game? from boomzapofficial on www.twitch.tv

For Last Regiment, we’ll be concentrate on improving our Steam page, including our trailer. Paid advertising is also an option for us, and the marketing blitz before launch is also important. But the most essential part is making changes in the game itself, to making sure it is easy to understand and has features that can help improve our marketing.