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Last Regiment Blog and Patch Update 6/25/19 – The Big Beta Hubidibub

This is this week’s Big Beta Hubidibub! In this blogpost, we’re recapping last week’s Last Regiment stream(June 20), and a new patch update for the Steam Beta build. 

June 20 Stream Highlights

Last week, Chris went into detail about the die system and acknowledged that some don’t seem to get it when someone says 2d6, 2d3; and mentioned mixed feedback about the card system. All-in-all, with most audiences being unfamiliar with Dungeons and Dragons or similar dice-related games, changes to dice rolls will be made before the game gets released for Early Access. 

This stream also introduces us to Chris’ created newly catchy word Hubidibub  which means “a lot of words” or “a lot of stuff” in one place, hench the title of this post. 

Last Regiment has been a two-year project of Boomzap and Chris admits that it’s hard putting a game on Beta. He shares that while thinking of a concept for a strategy game a long time ago, he first thought of themes of the World Wars I and II, before coming up with Regiment’s colonial setting.

“This is the challenge of innovation.” Chris says on stream. There will always be risks on making a creative concept and this is the main challenge we face on Beta because there will always be people who will not like it. But with the help of the community (in this case our Discord), it helps us think of ways to make this game fun, balanced, and interesting, especially for turn-based strategy gamers. 

As we are just a couple of weeks away from Early Access, the feedback we get from our beta testers will be critical in getting Last Regiment ready upon release. 

Patch Update

Our Steam Beta build has been recently updated. Here are the things we’ve changed and added:

Game Mechanics

  • Regiment now follows a deck system instead of a weighted system.
  • Regiment can now contain 9 to 12 cards.
  • Card Rarity has been changed to Card Amount.
  • At the start of a Skirmish or Multiplayer game, players have 10 seconds to choose which cards to redraw for their first hand.


  • Increased movement for all Infantry type units from 2 to 3.
  • Increased movement for all Mounted type units from 3 to 4.


  • Reduced movement cost of Flatland terrain from 2 to 1.5.


  • Fixed Beta Build UI text issues on higher resolutions.
  • Updated Create Regiment UI.


  • Updated descriptions for Powers.
  • Added new visual effect for Upgrade Unit power.

That’s our update for this week! Add the game to your wishlist on Steam today and give us your feedback and bug reports to our growing Discord server. Your feedback will really help us out in getting Last Regiment ready for Early Access on August 5, 2019!

Chris will be doing weekly streams again every Wednesday 10pm EST / Thursday 10am GMT+8 on the Boomzap Twitch channel. We also have multiplayer sessions with the Boomzap team every Tuesday and Thursday 10am GMT+8. Join us on those dates! 

Last Regiment Update 2019 – We Are Back! Major Changes Galore


Chris is back sharing the updates on Last Regiment as Early Access is slated to be released on Steam on August 5, 2019!

In the major update stream that was done last week, we explained about what has been happening at Boomzap, introduce the new team members in the studio, and expressed that everyone’s been working non-stop on Last Regiment since our last update last year.

From here on out, every week we’ll be releasing updates such as patch notes, art work, articles, and more. Weekly multiplayer sessions will also be happening along with the Boomzap team every Tuesdays and Fridays 10pm EST / 10am GMT+8. You are free to join us and discuss about the game on our very chill Discord server.

Major Updates

  • Major changes to the game’s AI to make it more “human-like”.
  • Introduced card mechanic to the game. A regiment now consists of 12 cards, can be any combination of Units and Power cards.
  • Unit stats and powers have been overhauled.
  • Summoning Rules have been simplified. Units can be summoned adjacent to your Town or Hero.
  • Every single unit required only 1 Control Point.
  • Overhauled the design theme of the UI.
  • Structures now allow you to draw extra cards aside from the usual card per turn.
  • Added Unique Units which are more powerful units but can only have one summoned at any given time.
  • You can upgrade your Units to Elite Units by either playing the same card on your existing unit or by using the Upgrade Unit power.

So that’s our update for this week. Catch Chris on the livestream every Wednesday 10pm EST / Thursday 10am GMT+8 on Boomzap’s Twitch channel . Also join in our growing Discord community today where you can chat with the Boomzap team and join in multiplayer sessions with fellow Last Regiment and Legends of Callasia players!

Add Last Regiment to your Steam wishlist today as we are now gearing up for Early Access!

Dev Blog #30 – Observing AI Behavior

The map building continues! As we said last week, we think the game is now pretty solid and we’re ready to start making the campaigns. With the closed beta (“Earlier Access”) coming up next week, everyone’s working hard on getting everything ready.

Watch Last Regiment Dev Blog #30: One Week Before Beta from boomzapofficial on www.twitch.tv

The designers are now going through the story and figuring out all the particulars on how to script the levels so they are super fun. The art team is working on the maps, fixing issues with the environments, and helping adjust things that can be improved.

Adding roads through farms
Updating mountain tiles

Since the campaign is basically our single-player mode, we need to think of how we can make AI smarter and powerful. This is something we need to do now, because if we make adjustments later on, we might face sudden changes in the campaign’s difficulty.

During today’s stream, we switched off the fog of war to observe AI behavior. Does it know what it needs to do?

For example, at the start of the game, do they bring a reasonable regiment? What we could do is to pre-build some regiments (like a card deck) and assign it to the different AI themes: super aggressive, super defensive, or conqueror (something in between).

But even if it has a smart deck, is the AI able to summon the right unit first and putting it in a reasonable spot? Does it know that it needs to build its economy first? How do their units interact with each other? Does the healer heal a damaged units? Do they know how to avoid bumping into each other? We need to teach the AI how to play in a reasonable manner.

Watch Last Regiment Dev Blog 30: Observing AI Behavior from boomzapofficial on www.twitch.tv