Last Regiment Patch Update (8/30/19) – It’s Been Awhile!

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since our last patch on account of our lead programmer being on a bike race through Europe, but now he’s back and ready to deliver on some oh-so-juicy changes to Last Regiment.

But before we get into those, we got some more news: Chris is back and (mostly) free of whatever horrid curse was upsetting his stomach, so we’re back to our regular streaming schedule every Thursday on our Twitch!

Now without further ado, here’s what we’ve been up to since last time:

Mechanic Changes

1.) Traits and Powers from Cards while Building a Regiment can now be highlighted for more information.

2.) Adjusted time limit for Mulligan to 20 seconds from 10 seconds.

3.) Discard UI now shows how much resource and total resource you get for discarding.

4.) Removed Sight Blocker trait for all terrains.

5.) Removed Hero Death Win game option since all games should be lost if the Hero dies.

6.) Added Hotkeys to the game.

Campaign Changes

1.) Adjusted AI behavior and difficulty scaling for Olivia’s Campaign missions.

2.) Added a few branching dialogues.

Unit Changes

1.) Added new Units – Satyr, Bog troll, Blunderbuss Infantry, Boar Rider, and Deepwood Tender.

2.) All units sight range has been brought back to 3 hexes from 4 hexes.

3.) Elite Upgrades have been streamlined for better definition of unit roles (i.e. damage units, tank units, mage units, etc.)

4.) Lowered HP of Plant units due to them having Regen powers. 

Faction Changes

1.) Added Merchants as part of Trademaster Flores’ faction.

Power Changes

1.) Rebalanced all ranged attacks (missile, artillery, and spells) to lower the damage range for more consistent damage.

2.) Removed passive Mana gain from non-Elite Mage units.

3.) Buffed amount of Healing gained from Rest & Recover and Welcoming Rest to 4-6 from 2-6.

4.) Added AoE markers for Power cards.

Structure Changes

1.) Increased resource generation of higher tier Farms, Ports, and Mage Towers.

Map Changes

1.) Added 5 new maps – three 6P, one 4P, and one 2P.

2.) Fixed issues where some Towns don’t start with Walls.


1.) Fixed Select Faction button not working when the regiment is empty.

2.) Fixed Power information going out of screen on certain resolutions.

3.) Fixed some Unit icons appearing larger than others.

If you’re not a part of the closed beta yet, worry not. Last Regiment releases on Early Access this September 9, so go wishlist us on Steam if you haven’t already!

And if you ever want to talk patch notes, strategy, organize some multiplayer matches or simply want to say hi, come on over to our Discord server! It’s the perfect place to give us feedback and let your voice be heard.

See you guys soon!

Last Regiment Patch Update (8/13/19) – Another One

Another week and another patch of updates. In case you missed it, we are pushing Early Access of Last Regiment to Early September. As a treat for those who want to get into the game a little earlier, we have just opened our Closed Beta form again. So sign up today and we will provide you a beta key the soonest.

Chris may be returning to stream Last Regiment this week. If you miss out any of his recent streams, you may check out our Twitch or Youtube Channel.

Here is this week’s patch update for our Steam Beta build. Beta testers are free to join in the discussion of our latest patch in our Discord server.

Campaign Changes

1.) Updated objectives and dialogue for Olivia’s 4th mission.

2.) Fixed issue where the enemy hero spawn became an ally for Olivia’s 6th mission.

3.) Updated map and events for Hollythorn’s 1st mission.

Note: The rest of Hollythorn’s missions are still WIP.

Unit Changes

1.) Added Woodland Native to Rangers.

Power Changes

1.) Updated some cards and power description for better readability.

Bug Fixes

1.) Fixed cost display not showing up for cards that have 0 cost.

2.) Fixed some issues on Card Info UI on lower resolutions.

3.) Fixed scroll issue on Save/Load UI.

4.) Fixed visual issues with animated card info.

Add Last Regiment to your wishlist on Steam today and send us your feedback and bug reports to our growing Discord server. It will really help us out in getting Last Regiment ready for Early Access.

Chris will be doing weekly streams again every Wednesday 10pm EST / Thursday 10am GMT+8 on the Boomzap Twitch channel (Schedules may change, but we’ll announce ahead of time). We also have multiplayer sessions with the Boomzap team every Tuesday and Thursday 10am GMT+8. Join us on those dates! 

Last Regiment Patch Update – August Rush

We are now in the month of August and as always, here’s another week of patch updates for the Steam Beta Build of Last Regiment

As officially announced in our Discord server last week by Chris, the EARLY ACCESS of Last Regiment is rescheduled to Early September. 

“The game is coming along great – the team has been hard at work on the major missing components for the Early Access build: Primarily the campaigns and dealing with some remaining tutorial and other issues.

That being said, we’re still not confident the game is ready for EA, and we have determined that it’s better that we do the Early Access in September.”

To those who are looking forward to Chris’ dev streams again in our Twitch, he’ll be back next week and will be doing them live in Singapore. If ever you missed one of our streams, you can check out our Twitch channel

Beta Steam Build – July 29, 2019

To welcome the early week of August, we give you this week’s patch update.

Mechanic Changes

1.) Added more instances for mouseover to get additional unit or power information throughout the game.

2.) Changed the highlight color for a currently selected tile.

Unit Changes

1.) Unit stats have been adjusted to better differentiate units.

2.) Elite Unit bonus stats have been overhauled. For more information, the Upgrade Unit power can be hovered to reveal a Unit’s Elite Version.

3.) Reduced HP of Plant units to balance out them having passive HP regen.

Campaign Changes

1.) Updated/Reworked Missions 3, 4, 5, and 6 for Olivia’s Campaign.

2.) Updated tutorial text and icons for Olivia’s Campaign.

UI Changes

1.) Updated Emblem UI to make the samples larger and updated their groupings.

2.) Updated info popups so they use the same size and fonts.

3.) Updated Banner Elements that show up while waiting for other players in Multiplayer.

Bug Fixes

1.) Updated descriptions for some traits and powers for better readability. No functional change has happened.

2.) Fortification meeple indicator have been hidden until a unit actually uses the Fortify action.

3.) Fixed sliders on UI to now properly update when scrolling.

4.) Highlighted tiles now appear red when trying to summon a unit while CP capped.

5.) Fixed the issue where a card still shows it can be played even if you don’t have enough resources.

6.) Fixed certain blockers tiles not having animations (i.e. Waterfalls and Lava).

7.) Fixed issue with card target text not being updated properly.

8.) Fixed missing description for Multicard entries.

9.) Fixed issue about being able to summon more than one instance of Unique Units.

Add Last Regiment to your wishlist on Steam today and send us your feedback and bug reports to our growing Discord server. It will really help us out in getting Last Regiment ready for Early Access.

Chris will be doing weekly streams again every Wednesday 10pm EST / Thursday 10am GMT+8 on the Boomzap Twitch channel (Schedules may change, but we’ll announce ahead of time). We also have multiplayer sessions with the Boomzap team every Tuesday and Thursday 10am GMT+8. Join us on those dates!