Latest Patch Notes (4/22/2020) – Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Hey everyone,

We have an unbelievable amount of new changes for you today, and I mean a lot. A LOT a lot.

There’s so much new stuff that we cried making it, because our eyes had been staring at the screens for so long they began to plead us for mercy. There’s so much new stuff we questioned ourselves if we really didn’t want to release this in several patches. There’s SO much new stuff that we chose to put it all in one update anyway just so you could have the same reaction as us and go “Holy shit, that’s a lot of new stuff.”

But what kind of stuff will you find inside?

  • A New Hero – Queen Sawtooth arrives as the final hero of Last Regiment, bringing the full might of the Goblinkin’s forces upon the invaders of Kothia. If you’ve ever wanted a faction focused on swift raiding parties and unstoppable melee force, Sawtooth is for you! She’s got airships, snipers, mages, and bulky beasts under her command, everything you would need to raze the enemy base to the ground when you come out of nowhere.

  • UI Updates – A new campaign screen! New victory and defeat screens! Hexes that are not in vision now show up as sepia-colored! There’s a search function in our Regiment Creator now! You asked us for changes, and we delivered as promised!

  • Sound – Everyone has a voice now. Everyone. What’s that? You want more sound? How about new music, because we’ve got that too! Prefer to listen to crickets chirp while you play skirmish? We’ve still got your back, as we put in ambient noises on all the maps as well! Be on the lookout for a certain squirrel unit, which our Creative Director decided he could voice better than an actual squirrel and squeaked into a mic with all his might.

  • Balance Changes – As always, we’re making some changes to keep multiplayer mode fun and balanced for everyone!

For the full list of patch notes, please refer to below

Patch Notes (April 22, 2020)
Campaign Changes
1.) Added mission nodes to the Campaign Mission Select screen. You can now navigate between missions by clicking on mission nodes or by using the mission list.
2.) Updated Chapter and Mission titles.
3.) Added a Back button on Regiment Creation screen for Campaigns.

Faction Changes
1.) Added Sawtooth faction.
2.) Added more Regiment Flag emblems.

Unit Changes
1.) Added Goblin Airship, Arch Sunpriest, Sullhan Crusader, Cave Rat, Simian Sniper, Goblin Poison Archer, Dragonfly Cavalry, Palace Guard, Spore Patrol, Greater Slimescale, Trade Lugger.
2.) Added Bonus Damage While Fortified power for Spore Patrol and Death Guard.
3.) Rotwyrm has been removed from the general unit pool. It can now only be summoned by Disciples of Zali.
4.) Adjusted Tax the Locals gold generated from 20 gold to 15 gold.
5.) Replaced Sullhan Crusader’s attack buff power with a Melee: Burn trait.
6.) Added Fortified Armor to Palace Guard and Stone Golem.
7.) Added Tenacious to Town Guard.
8.) Increased gold generated by Cave Rat when it kills a unit to 20 gold from 10 gold.
9.) Added Woodland Native to Giant Arachnid.
10.) Added Blood Rage to Infected Halberdier.
11.) Replaced Sullhan Cleric’s Tenacious with Fortified Shield.
12.) Added Mana Gain I to Elite Elven Villagers.
13.) Reduced base HP of Elven Huntress and Ivorian Warpriest by 2.
14.) Reduced base Atk of Support Wagons, Flamethopters, and Mage Units by 1.
15.) Reduced cost of Windlords to 30 gold.
16.) Reduced base HP of Attack Spider by 4 and increased its movement by 1.
17.) Fixed an issue with Blightmaster still being treated as a Unique unit.
18.) Removed Infected Blindwyrm from the general unit pool.

Power Changes
1.) Updated Syphon Life to only be usable on Infected units.
2.) Added Bandit Raid card.
3.) Adjusted Firestarter Burning DoT to do 3 damage per turn but only lasts 2 turns.
4.) Adjusted Venom DoT to do 2 damage per turn and add a -2 Atk debuff for 2 turns.
5.) Updated Plant Invigoration/Plant Abundance healing to affect any damaged unit.
6.) Updated Destroy Structure to only be usable on Structures that don’t have any Unit on them.
7.) Changed Hatch the Clutch to transform into an Infected Blindwyrm instead of Shrieking Horror.
8.) Updated power descriptions and targeting info for powers.
9.) Updated AoE and Cone indicators for better clarity.
10.) Disband and Recycle now happen on stage 1 of turn resolution.

Structure Changes
1.) Upgrade cost for Structures except for Ports has been reduced to 30 gold from 50 gold.
2.) Changed base tile for Bridges to have 1 movement cost.

Sound Changes
1.) Added Ambient Sounds to maps.
2.) Added unit voices when selecting and recruiting.
3.) Updated in-game sounds.

UI Changes
1.) Added Search function in Regiment Creation screen.
2.) Added Discard location to allow for discarding even when a player doesn’t have more than 7 cards.
3.) Adjusted page behavior when moving from one category to another. It now resets back to the first page.
4.) Fortification information has also been added to the Unit icon on the lower left of the screen.
5.) Added more information on when a power is going to happen, targeting info, and range indicator when hovering over a Unit power or a card power.
6.) Added a new Game Guide section under Lore. Please note that game guide information is still a work in progress.
7.) Updated Victory/Defeat screen.
8.) Updated title of Load/Save popup.
9.) ESC key now brings up the Settings menu.
10.) Added Credits UI.
11.) Added a colored border around Regiment Flag
12.) Added a sepia filter for hexes that are not in vision.
13.) Updated hex grid color.
14.) Updated fonts used on dialog and lore text.
15.) Clicking on a Hero card and the Select Faction button now puts said hero card as part of your regiment.

Bug Fixes
1.) Fixed an issue when placing tiles in Map Editor.
2.) Fixed reported issues on certain Campaign missions.
3.) AI Fixes and adjustments.
4.) Fixed some weird issues with the actual size of structures.

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