Dev Blog #28 – Daily Unit Testing

We’ve been doing our week of focused playtest sessions, going through every unit, power, trait, and terrain one by one. Of course we’ve always tested the game daily, but this time we were looking at specific things.

After testing the powers and traits, we decided to remove powers that we felt would cause more trouble for us in the long run, such as powers that had aura effects. We’ve also added passive traits to summoned units on terrains, and  restored the walker traits to make use of the changes we made to the terrains. We may or may not like it, but for now it stays until further testing tell us otherwise.

Adding new traits to units, such as this lumbermilling bonus

We also tested the new factions that we added last week – Tinkersteel and Khazan. We shifted units around to what we feel would be their appropriate factions.

Dragonfly Snipers from the Khazan faction

The UI is now more accessible through another revamp, wherein we added button support for adding-removing regiments. We’re also making revisions to the current in-game effects to make it more exciting.

New visual effects for Tentaklor

We’re also starting a new thing: the question of the week!

What other games similar to Last Regiment have you seen marketed well, and what did they do? We’re looking at studios that are indie-size, and similar to us not just in terms of genre but in the sense of what our users might enjoy. We’re also doing our own research, but we’re curious about who has done stuff out there that our player like.  Post screenshots, links, and all other ideas on our Discord!


Dev Blog #27 – New Factions, Balancing Issues, and Marketing Plans

Four weeks until closed beta aka Earlier Access! First, here’s a rundown of what we’ve been up to recently.

Development Progress

While the purpose of the beta is to get more players to test the game so we can rebalance the game, it’s work that we’ve already started doing.

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We got a bunch of feedback from the first few rounds of new-unit testing and have been heavily making some major adjustments. We’re adding some powers, moving some others around, and refactoring a BUNCH of the numbers. However, this includes a subjective decision on what we think a unit and its powers are worth.

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Recent game changes also include some cool new stuff! We’ve added two new factions, Tinkersteel and Khazan. We’re also discussing some of the faction names, such as changing the Woodspawn to Faeborn, and the Highborne into Elves, which are more direct to the point.

Concept art for Tinkertsteel hero, Gearmage Shelbia

Aside from the new units, we’re also improving the user interface. Last week we added the livestreamer section in the main menu, and we’ll continue to look at more Twitch API integrations. The regiment builder is also now easier to select and sort.

Functional sorting system for Choose a Regiment screen

Changing Our Marketing Approach

One of the questions we received from Discord was: how are we going to market this game differently from Legends of Callasia? Again, we look at the reasons of why it failed, and determine where we got our money’s worth from our past marketing efforts.

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For Last Regiment, we’ll be concentrate on improving our Steam page, including our trailer. Paid advertising is also an option for us, and the marketing blitz before launch is also important. But the most essential part is making changes in the game itself, to making sure it is easy to understand and has features that can help improve our marketing.



Dev Blog #26 – Beta Schedule and Launch Plans

We’re back from our stream hiatus (one month since our last update), and officially committing to the schedule for Last Regiment’s closed beta aka “Earlier Access”!

Updated main menu with Lore button and list of live streamers

To be part of the beta, you must: earn 2000 boombux on Twitch; reach Level 15 on Discord; or, be a betatester for Legends of Callasia.

Here’s the timeline we are looking at:

  • May 18 –  We’ll let special friends of the company have copies of the game super early, so they can play beta builds and help us get the game ready for the official Early Access launch.
  • July 2018 -We go into Early Access with some campaign missions, releasing updates every two weeks.
  • October 2018 -Target launch for the full game!

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We’re already planning what content will be available during each release, and estimating the price point at which we want to sell the game. As of now, we’re looking at $20 USD for the full game with 10 factions, 108 units (including heroes and unit upgrades), 40 campaign missions, and around 40 hours of gameplay.

Daily playtesting of new maps and units

However, we need to push back on the map editor and the related community features it needs. We want to make sure first that the core gameplay (campaign and multiplayer) are solid for the official launch.

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Speaking of campaign, we’re no longer just writing Olivia’s story, but the story of Kothia’s colonization which is told through different viewpoints. There are no good guys and bad guys – everyone’s a hero in their own story and they have reasons for their choices, and putting it all together has been a struggle to write.

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That being said, we’ll continue to do the weekly streams, and in between those we’ll be posting quick updates on Discord.  We’re already adding people to the secret beta channel, so start earning those points if you still haven’t!