Latest Patch Notes (7/22/2020) – The Matriarch and The Hand [New Chapter!]

Queen Sawtooth arrives to lead the Goblinkin through this time of war. Let Infected, Beast, and Man alike tremble before her fury.

Today’s patch features a big surprise from us, a brand new campaign chapter with 5 missions featuring Sawtooth and The Hand of Zangor!

We’ve also added the option to bypass map validation when uploading custom maps to the Steam Workshop, in case you’d want to make some purposefully unbalanced maps, and we’ve also added a few more quality of life options here and there.

We hope you enjoy!

Patch Notes (July 22, 2020)

Campaign Changes
-Added a new campaign chapter with 5 missions.

Game Setup Changes
-Added new game option for changing duration of End Turn timer for Multiplayer games.
-Added new game option for enabling or disabling the End Turn Gold Bonus for Multiplayer games.

Misc Changes
-Added sound when clicking on Map Critters.
-Added sound when End Turn Timer starts and when it reaches 10 seconds.
-Added 2 new achievements.
-Added an option to bypass balancing validation for custom maps when uploading to Steam Workshop.

UI Changes
-Multicard options and Transform options can now be clicked to get more information.
-Transform and Recruit abilities can now be clicked to get more information about the unit it transforms to or the unit it recruits.
-Cards can now be right-clicked on Select Card UI and Multicard UI to get more information.
-Increased amount of custom regiments that can be made.

Bug Fixes
-Fixed the issue where Combined Arms also affected non-allied units.
-Fixed the issue with Adaptability costing more than 0 gold.
-Fixed an issue where clicks go through certain popups when building a regiment.
-Fixed an issue where base structures don’t properly display under FOW in Multiplayer games.

What do you think of the new chapter? Our Steam Forums and Discord Server are always open for you!