Latest Patch Updates (09/12/2019 + 09/9/2019) – Double Kill!

Hey everyone!

They say nothing lets you catch mistakes faster than hitting publish, and ooh boy did we find them real quick upon hitting Early Access.

Thus, this week features not one, but TWO patches to help smoothen out all the kinks.

Patch Notes (September 12, 2019)
Mechanic Changes
1.) Units with Transform powers can now use them while on a Dock or a Bridge.

Campaign Changes
1.) Fixed an issue where the AI didn’t aggro the player properly on Whiteferry mission.
2.) Adjusted AI difficulty for Whiteferry mission since the AI bug fix rendered it a bit too hard.

Power Changes
1.) Updated Destroy Structure card so it can’t be played on a Unit that isn’t standing on a Non-Tower structure.

Map Changes
1.) Updated all maps so that players will always have a starting Supply of 4.
2.) Replaced some Neutral Towns with Barracks or Farms for all maps.

1.) Fixed an issue that stopped the AI from summoning units even when it has enough resources.

Patch Notes (September 9, 2019)
Mechanic Changes
1.) Amphibious Units can now be summoned adjacent to a Town, Hero, or Dock.
2.) Updated formula for Victory Point (VP) requirement to trigger the VP Win condition.

Campaign Changes
1.) More balancing for Hollythorn’s Missions.
2.) Added cutscene for Hollythorn’s Missions.

Unit Changes
1.) Added Sulhan Cleric to the roster.

Structure Changes
1.) Updated Victory Point values for Towns (20 -> 15) and Settlements (0 -> 10).

Regiment Changes
1.) Updated Names and Descriptions for all Preset regiments.

1.) Fixed text spill issues for a few UIs.
2.) Fixed more resolution change issues for a few UIs.

Found some more bugs crawling around our Early Access game? Have feedback on how parts of the game could be better? Wish to mock this particular writer about the hellish reality that is his flesh-prison? Swing by our Steam Forums or our Discord server and give us a holler. I promise not to cry… Too much.