Latest Patch Notes (3/11/2020) – The Explorer

Hey everyone! We have a new patch for you today, enabling a brand new hero for use in Skirmish and Multiplayer – Tristan D’Amorthia, the mobile horseman and fearless explorer!

While Tristan’s campaign is still under development, we thought we’d let you try him out early anyway to get your feedback. That’s what Early Access is for after all!

Patch Notes (March 11, 2020)
Mechanic Changes
1.) Added a quickplay matchmaking feature for Multiplayer.
2.) Added Mana limit and starting Mana. Follows the same rules as Gold.
3.) Adjusted amount of cards that you can select at the start of a game from 6 cards to 5.

Campaign Changes
1.) Updated some dialogs and events for the last mission of Prologue chapter and first mission of Carl chapter.
2.) Campaign Regiments now require all card slots to be filled before being able to proceed with a mission.
3.) Added an objective marker on the map.

Faction Changes
1.) Enabled Tristan’s faction.

Unit Changes
1.) Increased base HP of certain Construct units by 2.
2.) Increased base HP of Treant by 2.
3.) Elk Cavalry has become a Tristan exclusive unit.
4.) Added Otterkin Villager, Otterkin Hunter, Otterkin Witch Doctor, Waspeen Swarm, Elven Villager, Elven Huntress, and Stone Golem to general unit pool.
5.) Added Explode power to Mobile Aeronauts.

Power Changes
1.) Added Colonial Development, Round Up, and Rally Mounted cards for Tristan’s faction.
2.) All Draw type powers now resolve on Upkeep phase.
3.) Cards that provide resources now resolve on Upkeep phase.
4.) Curse powers no longer interrupt actions.
5.) Increased gold multiplier of Bumper Crop to 2x from 1.5x.
6.) Moved Bivouac Rest to general card pool.

Structure Changes
1.) Added Mana Limit to Towns and Mage Towers.

UI Changes
1.) Disabled alliance button when the Alliance game option is set to “No Alliance”.
2.) Updated button placement for Multiplayer lobby to include Quickplay button.
3.) Added a vulnerable effect on units affected by traits that increases damage received.

Bug Fixes
1.) Fixed wrong target and description text for certain cards.
2.) Fixed an issue where Unit powers won’t properly activate if said unit is promoted to Elite status on the same turn.
3.) Fixed an issue where preset regiments had access to certain faction exclusive cards.

Don’t forget, our Steam forums and Discord server are always available for your feedback!